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    Timothy Colonna

    —- This message from David Shuster is reposted here for any who might not have received it via email. —-

    First off, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is David Shuster, and I’m the newly elected president of the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, its nice to meet you. I have been a member of this club since very near the beginning, and witnessed the group grow, not just in numbers, but in camaraderie, creativity, and community. Huzzah has been a hit since the very first one, and continues to be Maine’s premier historical wargaming event. This association of people have brought together something really special, not just for Maine, but New England and beyond over the years. The organization has become an integral part of the historical wargaming hobby community and promoting it here in Maine. However, none of the community or great events the MHWA organizes would happen without our most important persons, our Members!

    Being a member of the Maine Historical Wargamers Association means you take a personal interest in being a part of this community and supporting the growth of this amazing hobby. Membership enables the MHWA to hold game days, present Huzzah, and creates opportunities for us to gather and have fun. Membership connects us by opening up avenues to meet others with shared and overlapping interests. Membership is an investment into the future of historical miniatures wargaming. Membership brings us out to the public to find new players and grow awareness of the importance of hobbies, history and community. Membership also has some tangible benefits listed on our website.

    “The leadership here at the MHWA have have a great slate of events we hope to present for the year 2021, pandemic willing. We will be following all Maine CDC guidelines with regards to the Covid Pandemic. We will make every effort to plan every event we can safely offer, including Huzzah, and hold those events even if rescheduling may occur. We look forward to having you join us for gaming when we can and staying connected remotely when we can’t. Stay safe, and happy holidays from all of us.”

    If you’re are currently a member for 2020 or have been a member in the past, I’m writing today as a reminder to join or renew your membership with the MHWA for 2021 today! Its easy to join over our website:


    Happy holidays from my family to yours!

    Thank you,
    David Shuster
    President MHWA

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