Huzzah! Con 2024

We are delighted to announce HUZZAH 2024 will take place from 17 to 19 May 2024 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, South Portland Maine.

Huzzah goes Hollywood! Lights, camera, action!.. Hollywood has produced a lot of movies depicting memorable battles, historic dramas, science fiction epics, and great fantasy storytelling.  And it’s not just movies.  Television shows, streaming shows, old movie serials….even radio dramas all combine to make for some great tabletop gaming ideas.  Become a gladiator (I am Spartacus!) like Kirk Douglas or Command the Russians at Borodino (War and Peace).  Defend Little Round Top (Gettysburg) or defend a crossroads in the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge).  Explore Dwarf mines (You shall not pass!) or command a mighty starship (Khan!!!!!!).   The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Game Masters will be asked to indicate on submission whether their game is a themed game. All themed games will compete for best of convention and our new HUZZAH trophy. We will of course still award prizes for best of each session.

Huzzah 2024 will again be managed on TableTop Events. Here is our tentative timetable

  • 1 October Vendor Applications are live until 31 December 2023
  • 4 December Game Submissions go live until 31 March 2024
  • 1 January Registration is live until 31 March 2024 (reduced pre-registration prices)

Game Master submissions will be open from 4 December through 31 March 2024.

All submissions must be made in Table Top Events. Game Master rules can be found here

Vendor Applications are still open through 31 December 2023

Vendors may participate either as a

  • Full vendor (Friday through Sunday), set up in Lighthouse, booth size 1-3 tables. ($80 per table)
  • Demo Game and Marketing (one 4-hour session, set up in West Foyer, 1 high-top for game demonstration, and 1 (6’ table) marketing area. ($20 per session and table).

Vendor Rules can be found here.


  • Legendary Wares
  • Things from the Basement
  • Silver Eagle
  • Trilaterum
  • Bloody Scotsmen
  • Days Of Battle POD
  • Wee Wolf Miniatures
  • Mountain Rogues & Farm
  • Midgard Hobbies and Games


The hotel block for HUZZAH 2024 is now open. You can make reservations at our special convention rate through 30 April 2024 while supplies last. Similar to 2023 you have the choice between two hotels.

The DoubleTree by Hilton Portland South (our convention venue) offers rooms for $139 per night not including breakfast. You can make your reservation via the Hilton App or at using Code HWA or by using this reservation link.:

The TRU by Hilton Portland (just across the parking lot from our convention venue) offers rooms for $139 per night including breakfast. You can make your reservation on the Hilton App or at using code WHR or by using this reservation link