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The Maine Historical Wargamers Association (MHWA) is an organization promoting miniature and board gaming in Maine and most of New England. Every penny we collect goes back into the hobby in one form or another! Each year we host our 3 day gaming convention Huzzah! which is one of the most beloved gaming conventions in the New England – hope to see you soon!

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Or mail a paper check to PO Box 599, Bath, ME 04530


3 free public Game Days!
2 free Member and a Guest Game Days!
Member and a Guest Holiday Party!
1 Huzzah! t-shirt at cost!
10 Huzzah! auction tickets!
Access to virtual Member only events over Zoom!
Serve as a club officer, attend and vote at club meetings!

2021 Club Officers

President – David Shuster
Vice President – Thomas Pinette
Secretary – Tony Rieger
Treasurer – Jim Munch
Members of the Board:
Wayne Warner
Chris Boynton
Chris Penney

2021 Members In Good Standing (72)

🏴 David Soucy 🏴 Thomas Desmond 🏴 Christian Penney 🏴 Michael Tribou 🏴 Daniel Fokine 🏴 Billy DiGuilio 🏴 Michael Pavkovic 🏴 Gabriel Landowski 🏴 David Shuster 🏴 Thomas Pinette 🏴 Robert Hebert 🏴 Ian MacEachen 🏴 Chris Cameron 🏴 Chris Parker 🏴 Alan Coughlin 🏴 David Parker 🏴 Dean Emmerson 🏴 Jeff Estabrook 🏴 Donald Miller 🏴 Christopher Gurney 🏴 Donald Hauser 🏴 Burton Labelle 🏴 Sean Kerrigan 🏴 Bruce Nicholson 🏴 Ken Eckhardt 🏴 Chris Hall 🏴 Brian Mcclelland 🏴 Carl Ellis 🏴 Larry Irish 🏴 Eric Bourque 🏴 Joerg Bender 🏴 Alan Tibbetts 🏴 David Mesquita 🏴 Wayne Warner 🏴 Michael Ivancic 🏴 Michael West 🏴 Tony Rieger 🏴 John Paul Bakshoian 🏴 Mark Mujica 🏴 Timothy Kindred 🏴 John Fabbricatore 🏴 Ken Howe 🏴 Chris Boyton 🏴 Joshua Johnson 🏴 Timothy Richter 🏴 Jim Munch 🏴 Timothy Colonna 🏴 David Hill 🏴 Brian Dunnell 🏴 Mike Murphy 🏴 John Butt 🏴 Bill Cleary 🏴 Timothy Jones 🏴 Petra Bender 🏴 Michael Ashland 🏴 Michael Stultz 🏴 John Magnifico 🏴 Jack Gaudette 🏴 Michael Karagiannes 🏴 Wyatt Traina 🏴 James Arlemagne 🏴 Arofan Gregory 🏴 Mark Tuson 🏴 Brian Butler 🏴 Mark Huskins 🏴 Gerard Lane 🏴 Jonathan Reinhart 🏴 James Flanagan 🏴 Robert Kidwell 🏴 Alexander Truslow 🏴 Jonathan Steitzer 🏴 Brian Haley 🏴

2020 Members In Good Standing (66)

β™ž Gabriel Landowski β™ž Alan Tibbetts β™ž Chris Cameron β™ž Joe Galego β™ž Mike Murphy β™ž Joerg Bender β™ž Alex Netten β™ž Caroline Netten β™ž Liam Netten β™ž Allan Martel β™ž Adrian Martel β™ž Caroline Martel β™ž Tim Kindred β™ž Andrew Stinson β™ž Ryan Stinson β™ž Thomas Desmond β™ž James Arlemagne β™ž Burton Labelle β™ž Michael Tribou β™ž Matt Ashland β™ž Jim Munch β™ž Ed Stevens β™ž Paul McCarthy β™ž Mark Tuson β™ž Phillip Pendleton β™ž Don Miller β™ž Jeff Estabrook β™ž Ken “Doc” Eckhardt β™ž Wayne Warner β™ž Tony Rieger β™ž David Shuster β™ž Christopher Hall β™ž Michael Pavkovic β™ž Benjamin Checota β™ž David Mesquita β™ž Christopher Boynton β™ž William DiGiulio β™ž Larry Irish β™ž Brianne Morin β™ž Art Fossa β™ž Daniel Fokine β™ž Christopher Rett 🌟 Grace Rett 🌟 Michael Ashland β™ž Brian McClelland β™ž John Brooks β™ž Peter Beitzell β™ž Eric Bourque β™ž Earl Walters β™ž David Cousineau β™ž Michael Cousineau β™ž Larry Alexander β™ž Cullen Wegman β™ž John Brooks β™ž Brian Dunnell β™ž Mark Mujica β™ž Thomas Pinette β™ž Karl Parrott β™ž John Paul Bakshoian β™ž James Flanagan β™ž Bill Kiley β™ž Cadet Kiley β™ž Eric Jones β™ž Rhianna Jones β™ž Brendan Jones β™ž Daniel Jones β™ž Christopher Gurney β™ž

2019 Members In Good Standing (86)

❖ Ed Stevens ❖ Alan Coughlin ❖ Mike Ashland ❖ James Arlemagne ❖ Chris Parker ❖ Kevin LaChance ❖ Otto Schmidt ❖ Peter Landry ❖ Billy DiGiulio ❖ Gabriel Landowski ❖ Joerg Bender ❖ Alan Tibbetts ❖ David Shuster ❖ Andrew Shuster ❖ Tom Desmond ❖ Julie Osinski ❖ Mike Murphy ❖ Andrew Stinson ❖ Ryan Stinson ❖ Joseph Galego ❖ Evan Galego ❖ Chris Penney ❖ Eric Bourque ❖ Chris Boynton ❖ Wayne Warner ❖ Bob Kidwell ❖ Chris Hall ❖ Chris Cameron ❖ Donald Miller ❖ Larry Irish ❖ Alex Netten ❖ Michael Tribou ❖ Brian Mcclelland ❖ Larry McIver ❖ Burton Labelle ❖ Larry Lachance ❖ Dean Emmerson ❖ Seth Curra ❖ Ian Howard ❖ Michael Karagiannes ❖ Art Fossa ❖ John Magnifico ❖ John Paul Bakshoian ❖ Ken “The Doc” Eckhardt ❖ Bob Kane ❖ Peter Dalton ❖ Ian MacEachen ❖ Christopher Rett ❖ Robert Marden ❖ Tim Kindred ❖ Dave Valentine ❖ DJ Valentine ❖ Will Valentine ❖ Timothy Richter ❖ Christopher Paquette ❖ Michael Stultz ❖ Mark Tuson ❖ James Munch ❖ David Mesquita ❖ Kevin Clanton ❖ Patrick McGarrity ❖ Andrew Barry ❖ Matt Ashland ❖ Jim Hatch ❖ Matthew Hatch ❖ Eric Hatch ❖ Jason Lang ❖ Jonathan Norton ❖ Michael Pavkovic ❖ Paul McCarthy ❖ Barry Frandsen ❖ John Gaudette ❖ John Fabbricatore ❖ Gerard Lane ❖ Carl Ellis ❖ Meg Ellis ❖ Len Caira ❖ Jonathan Reinhart ❖ Tim Jones ❖ Allen Martel ❖ Adrian Martel ❖ Jonathan Reid ❖ Henry Carey ❖ Bruce Nicholson ❖ Daniel Fokine ❖ Brianne Morin ❖

2018 Members In Good Standing (84)

β™  Alan Tibbetts β™  Tim Kindred β™  Wayne Warner β™  John Fabbricatore β™  Mike Tribou β™  Bob Kidwell β™  Michael Stultz β™  Bruce Nicholson β™  Chris Boynton β™  Jeff Estabrook β™  Simon Estabrook β™  Alan Coughlin β™  Billy DiGuilio β™  Joerg Bender β™  Mike Ivancic β™  Gabriel Landowski β™  Tom Desmond β™  Dean Emmerson β™  Natalie Emmerson β™  Matthew Ranks β™  David Valentine β™  Will Valentine β™  Ian MacEachen β™  David Shuster β™  Andrew Shuster β™  Christopher Rett β™  Joshua Johnson β™  Clay Johnson β™  Chris Penney β™  Bruce Carson β™  Andre Kruppa β™  Julie Osinski β™  Chris Paquette β™  Matt Ashland β™  Alex Netten β™  Peter Dalton β™  Gerry Lane β™  Ken “The Doc” Eckhardt β™  Phil Pendleton β™  John Paul Bakshoian β™  Christopher Hall β™  Art Fossa β™  Jim Munch β™  Michael Hodgkins β™  Peter Landry β™  Andrew Stinson β™  Ryan Stinson β™  Joe Galego β™  James Arlemagne β™  Tony Rieger β™  Dan Bennis β™  Tim Jones β™  Michelle Grimard-Dunning β™  Jim Hatch β™  Matthew Hatch β™  Eric Hatch β™  Jason Cabral β™  Mike Ashland β™  Mark Tuson β™  John Magnifico β™  James Flanagan β™  Mark Huskins β™  Ed Stevens β™  Larry Lavallee β™  Chris Thacker β™  Patrick Rael β™  Sean Kerrigan β™  Rob Marden β™  Carl Ellis β™  Jack Gaudette β™  Andrew Barry β™  Tim Richter β™  Don Hauser β™  Larry Irish β™  Lisa Hoagland Fisher β™  Mark Mujica β™  David Parker β™  Peter Sablock β™  Paul McCarthy β™  Donald Miller β™  Allan Martel β™  Robert Ruffner β™  Henry Carey β™  Christopher Hall β™