MHWA memberships 2022 end on 31 December 2022. Members must renew their membership annually to enjoy the benefits. At the 2022 Annual Member Meeting, the club decided to increase membership fees for the first time – the annual fee is now $40. Members will enjoy the following benefits: HUZZAH full weekend ticket at $20 (regular $55) HUZZAH Convention T-Shirt at cost (price tbd) 10 Raffle Tickets (value $5) Game day access Member dinner or BBQ Memberships can only be purchased on this webpage! You must purchase your membership before 28 February to benefit from the HUZZAH ticket price!Read More →

Mark your Calendars! Huzzah! Con 2023 will take place from 19 to 21 May 2023 at the Hilton Doubletree in Portland, Maine. Our 2023 motto will be “Turning Points” and have a feature game based on the “First Battle of the Marne”. The convention will offer miniature games, board games, hex games, vendors as well as some round table events. We are still working out details but vendor invites will go out in just a couple of weeks. Please expect more information for game masters and participants to be posted soon.Read More →

Registration is now open for our virtual convention, Hold the Line! The convention features 30 games of different types, ranging from Sharp Practice Napoleonic skirmishes in 54mm to operational-level WWII games using Breakthrough to Berlin. Games range from the strictly historical (Towton is being put on by a group in Scotland not far from the site of the historical field of battle) to Victorian Science Fiction (the “Battles for Titan” mini-campaign) and even some fantasy games. We also have naval (Black Seas “Age of Sail”) and air-power (Check Your 6!) games. Some are run using virtual miniatures in Tabletop Simulator or Roll20, many with actualRead More →

Let me start with the bad news: Huzzah 2021 as you know it has been canceled. It was a difficult decision but after discussions with the hotel and taking into consideration lingering restrictions, we had to make a call. It would have been difficult to keep planning and decide on short notice. Game Masters and Vendors alike need time to plan and we wanted to be respectful of their time. BUT! Huzzah 2022 is going forward with a tentative date of 11-13 May 2022, so mark your calendars, sit back and wait for more info to come. Please do not contact the hotel yet asRead More →

Huzzah! Con 2020 CANCELLED!!! Hello to all, Cancelling Huzzah! 2020 has been a very difficult decision. All of us wish it could be otherwise, and this reality being nothing more than a bad dream. Needless to say, cancelling Huzzah 2020 is in the best interest for everyone’s safety and health. For all of you prospective attendees of Huzzah, it is now prudent that you take some necessary steps. Many of you have reserved hotel rooms. You will need to call the hotel (207-775-6161) and cancel your reservations or do so online. A few of you preempted the Huzzah registration system and bought badges before weRead More →