Welcome to the Maine Historical Wargamers Association!

The Club was founded in 2012 to promote historical wargaming in Maine and bring together gamers of all ages to have fun with our shared hobby. Historical wargaming includes board games and miniature games.  The club organizes HUZZAH in Portland, Maine as its annual convention to promote the hobby.

The club welcomes everyone interested in gaming, regardless of political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability. We want to provide a safe gaming space for everyone. Read the charter.

Memberships for the club are provided annually and are valid from 1 January to 31 December each year. Members in good standing are able to serve as club officers and attend and vote at club meetings. Current membership dues are $40 per year. Interested in joining MHWA? Find more information here.

 Member benefits for 2024 are

  • Attendance at HUZZAH 2024 for a member-specific price of $40 (pre-registration) or $45 (at the door).
  • 10 HUZZAH auction tickets ($10 value)
  • Early access to HUZZAH hotel reservation
  • Free Public Game Days
  • Member-only Game Days

2024 Club Officers

President: Michael Ashland

Vice-President: Brian Butler

Secretary: Billy DiGuilio

Treasurer: Alan Tibbetts

Members of the Board: Joerg Bender, Michael Ivancic, Jeff Estabrook