Game Day April 27th 2019

Hello all!

The next Game Day is almost upon us! The April Game Day has always been a great warm up as we exit Winter and get ready for Huzzah! Game Day will be on Saturday, April 27, and for the first time being held at the Double Tree hotel in South Portland, across from the Maine Mall (363 Maine Mall Rd).

We have two sessions, and they are open to the public. The session roster is full of great games being hosted by accomplished and fantastic game masters. One of the benefits of being a member of the Maine Historical Wargamers Association is to be able to sign in and reserve a slot in advance at one of the game tables for Game Day. Also, being an open to the public event, we encourage you to bring a friend who might be interested in playing, or even someone who might be interested in joining the MHWA.

To reserve a seat at a game, you can do so at MHWA April Game Day Registration

Like last year, we have many new members who may be playing at Game Day for the first time. If so, welcome! We look forward to meeting you. If you were previously a MHWA member and have not yet renewed your membership, you can do so at JOIN MHWA

This year’s Huzzah t-shirt looks amazing! One of the benefits of being a MHWA member is that if you are a member in good standing and attending Huzzah, we can put aside a Huzzah t-shirt for you. Thanks to again another hugely generous donation from Shipyard Brewing we will be able to pass along a member’s Huzzah t-shirt to you for free. However; there is a catch….

The catch being that we only will be receiving a set amount of donated t-shirts from Shipyard Brewing. Therefore if you decide to wait to renew your membership until Huzzah, we may be out of free t-shirts and you would leave empty handed. If you are a member in good standing, please send me your t-shirt size (some of you have already done so!) directly by responding to this email. I will need to close the member’s t-shirt reservation list at the end of Game Day on the 27th. If you renew your membership after April 27, you may be risking not being able to get a free Huzzah shirt.

Looking forward to seeing you at Game Day on April 27, at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Portland!

Mike Tribou
MHWA President