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    On July 24, 2021 the MHWA held their first in-person event since February 2020. We had a great day with 14 members and 1 guest in attendance.

    Jeff Estabrook ran a Franco-Prussian game c. 1870’s

    Dave Soucy ran a 15mm Kampfgroup Commander scenario of WW2 British and Canadian forces making their way to Caan running up against the 12th SS Division.

    Wyatt Traina (whit shirt) and Alex Truslow (grey shirt) with guest Gino (blue shirt) put together a great looking game of “To the Strongest” with late Medieval 10mm models and some fantastic terrain.

    Jonathan Steitzer (also pictured above in green) ran a game of SAGA: Age of Crusades with Wyatt in the afternoon after lunch. Really some great looking models and terrain!

    Gabe Landowski put on his modified Manoeuvre rules using Nutcrackers, Rocking Horses, and Cannons for the units on the battlefield over a large area. Really a fun game to play over the day as Thomas Pinette and I discovered.

    All in all it was a great day, perfect weather, some awesome food, and some really amazing folks gathered together to play some great games. To those of us that couldn’t join us, I certainly hope you join us for our next event on September 25th! Happy gaming!



    Great looking games! Thanks for sharing! 

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