Hot off the presses! The MHWA Club patches have arrived and will be given to each 2018 member of the club with extras for sale at Huzza! 2018 for $5 a piece. Be sure to get yours before we run out!Read More →

Huzzah! 2018 Kick-off Meeting was February 4th 2018 Some of the best minds that were willing to show up hashed out some high level issues, and meeting minutes will soon follow – stay tuned!Read More →

Holiday Party January 20th 2018 Thanks again to Chris and Renee for hosting us all – over 30 members and family showed up for excellent food and drink. Be sure to become a member and we hope to see you next year!Read More →

Membership Drive

We’re approaching 40 members and climbing! We encourage anyone interested to join in on the fun! Please be sure to invite anyone you think may be interested in sharing our hobby! Join us on Facebook!Read More →