Registration is now open for our virtual convention, Hold the Line!

The convention features 30 games of different types, ranging from Sharp Practice Napoleonic skirmishes in 54mm to operational-level WWII games using Breakthrough to Berlin. Games range from the strictly historical (Towton is being put on by a group in Scotland not far from the site of the historical field of battle) to Victorian Science Fiction (the “Battles for Titan” mini-campaign) and even some fantasy games. We also have naval (Black Seas “Age of Sail”) and air-power (Check Your 6!) games. Some are run using virtual miniatures in Tabletop Simulator or Roll20, many with actual miniatures using web cameras (the description of each game gives details). We even have some traditional toy soldier games being run by Ross Macfarlane, just like at a regular Huzzah!

Games are filling fast, register NOW to secure your spot!

Hold the Line is hosting some amazing workshops and seminars!

Our Terrain Painting workshop will feature David Shuster of Iron Hammer Studio demonstrating techniques to paint a 28mm Russian Log Cabin by Things from the Basement. Purchase the model for a special price from TftB here: or bring your own “wood” building to paint along during this workshop.

Brent of Goobertown Hobbies will lead our Figure Painting workshop as he paints a 28mm Roman Legionnaire. Provide your own model or purchase one here: to paint along with Brent.


Matt Bray of the Third Maine Infantry, Company A American Civil War Reenacting organization will be leading our seminar on Infantry Tactics and Weaponry of the American Civil War. Matt portrays the company captain and has decades of experience not only studying the American Civil War but living through a bit of what it might have been like. He will be discussing infantry tactics and weaponry of the war and relating some of his experience using period drill manuals, such as Casey’s Infantry Tactics and Hardee’s Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, to command a company as part of a larger regiment at national reenacting battle events.

Timothy Colonna of Trilaterum Miniatures will be leading a seminar on 3-D printing miniatures, from design to print. This will be a great time to learn some tricks of the trade and ask the questions most on your mind about 3-D printing.

***Our Supporting Vendors***

Vendors make a convention, ours will have their own channel on our Discord for all your questions and to keep up with what’s new!
Things from the Basement
Trilaterum Miniatures
Bloody Scotsman Games 
The Phalanx Consortium

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