Huzzah! Con 2020


Hello to all,

Cancelling Huzzah! 2020 has been a very difficult decision. All of us wish it could be otherwise, and this reality being nothing more than a bad dream. Needless to say, cancelling Huzzah 2020 is in the best interest for everyone’s safety and health.

For all of you prospective attendees of Huzzah, it is now prudent that you take some necessary steps.

  1. Many of you have reserved hotel rooms. You will need to call the hotel (207-775-6161) and cancel your reservations or do so online.
  2. A few of you preempted the Huzzah registration system and bought badges before we announced the registration system being open. Next week we will be able to have TableTop issue refunds, excluding the TableTop service fee. We had set up the badge service fee to be covered by us here at MHWA. We have a list of you who purchased badges (16 of you…). If you also want the badge service fee also refunded (around $3-4), you will need to email that request here at:

The Maine Historical Wargamers Association is a mostly informal group to gather and play historical wargames. Our 12-13+ years of existence has been one of many great games, Game Days, and even ten years of Huzzah! Our primary focus is to play games, but in order to do that is an underlying need to make sure that our members and attendees are safe and as healthy as possible. If we ignored everyone’s safety, then we would not have had the good fortune of many years of fun, and also growing our hobby into our communities. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 situation is bringing our communities into very challenging times.

As it currently stands here in Maine, public schools are closed until at least April 27. The State of Maine has issued an edict that prohibits public gatherings without a specific end date. Restaurants are closed except for take-out or drive-through. Our neighboring states have even stricter guidelines. The current realistic forecasts for coming out of this situation are now around early to mid summer. Of course, time will tell. As a result of the situation, we are cancelling Huzzah! 2020, and will begin preparations for Huzzah! 2021! Even if by some miracle the virus goes away and people recover from any illness by the end of April, our society will be hard pressed to get everyone working again, grocery stores restocked, and public confidence high enough to be able to gather in a hotel ballroom and be elbow to elbow gaming at the tables.

These are difficult times, and we will get through this. Hopefully sooner than later. In addition to Huzzah! 2020 being cancelled, we have also cancelled our April Game Day. Currently we are planning to have Game Days in July, October, and December. We want all of our members and attendees to be safe and healthy, and as we approach the July Game Day, we will keep everyone advised as to whether or not it will happen. For the sake of our society, let’s hope so.

Please keep an eye out for MHWA emails, as well as our presence on FaceBook in the Maine Historical Wargamers Association (MHWA) group. In the meantime, do the best that you can with social distancing (painting figures and playing solo games).

Be Safe and Stay Healthy,
Michael Tribou
MHWA President